When I tell people I’m a travel blogger I get a confused vacant look. They pause for a moment shuffling their feet and ask me “that’s a job, like… you get paid for that?”

The answer is yes, yes I do.

Don’t start blogging because you think it will be an easy way to make some quick cash. It’s not. Not even a little bit.

Blogging takes work and passion and a lot more work. I have to be passionate and a self-motivated go-getter.

It’s owning my own business. Managing funds, creating content, marketing and make sure to always network are daily tasks. Plus if something breaks or I don’t know how to do something, I have to hire someone to fix it. Just like any other business.

The next question I get is, “How did you get into that?”

I moved to Korea to teach English. I thought a blog would be a cool way to share my story with my friends and family.

I fell in love with researching blogging and became obsessed with internet marketing.

In the beginning, I learned that content is key. That’s something I’m still working on. I strive to create awesome and engaging content that has benefits for my readers.

I focused on writing for bigger websites. They taught me how to create content people enjoy.

I started working with Posture Magazine. I joined a blogging cohort at Go Girl Travel Network. Plus, I’ve been guest posting for a bunch of different blogs and websites. The most crucial thing I did to create better content was to enroll in Matador U Travel Media School.

Matador U is a travel based new media school. They offer 12-week beginner and advanced courses in travel writing and travel photographer. They also offer a course in filmmaking and production. The courses are $475 each and come with lifetime access to the materials. Better yet, they offer one year of faculty feedback.

Through MatadorU I’m learning to become a better storyteller. I’m on my way to creating content that is more interesting and engaging. It’s definitely a struggle and something I have to work towards every single day. In some ways,  I think that’s why I love it.  It forces me to think critically about my writing. Rather than posting a first draft of random thoughts I have to edit and analyzing my work.

My  editor, Emma Thieme, has been crucial to my development as a writer. She knows just the feedback I need to hear. Sometimes it’s constructive and sometimes it’s a bit tough love. I love that I can depend on her voice to give me reason and clarity when the doubt sets in.

The feedback from faculty has been pivotal in finding my voice. They’ve taught me about the different styles of writing. I’m learning to write narratives and branching out into different styles of writing.

The other part about Matador that I love is the community they’ve built. I’ve connected with other writers from all over the world. The connections I’ve made  lead me to opportunities with a variety of publications.

Ben Lambert of High Society Hobo connected me to the folks at Gaycation Magazine. I have four feature articles in their next 3 magazines.

Publishing with Matador Network introduced me to some of the best LGBT travel bloggers in the world.

Joining MatadorU also gives you the opportunity to apply for exclusive promotions. The “Access” tab has a variety of press trips and paid assignments.

This post contains affiliate links. I wouldn’t be supporting the program if I didn’t believe in it.  The program is what you put into it. Students who take the program seriously reap rewards. Those who rush through assignments won’t see the benefits of becoming a better writer.

Since I’ve started my course at Matador U, I’ve earned enough income to quit my job and support my blog full time.  I couldn’t have done it without the skills I learned in their courses.