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Top Outdoor Activities to Do in Texas

Texas is a massive state. In fact, it is the largest state in the southern United States, encompassing nearly 300,000 square miles. Also called the Lone Star State, Texas is known for its vast cattle ranches, rich oil fields, and large thriving cities, such as Houston, Dallas, and our favorite Austin. We spent Meg’s 30th birthday in Texas a couple years ago and vowed to get back soon. Texas also offers many beautiful natural areas where you can enjoy horseback riding, birdwatching, rafting, hiking, or kayaking. Discover the following top four destinations for outdoor activities located throughout the magnificent...

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The Ultimate Instagram Road Trip Across the USA

The Ultimate Instagram Road Trip Across the USA L ast month Lindsay and I spent a few weeks in California visiting family. While we were there we were spending a ton of time road tripping around to different relatives in our 2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE and really living the Southern California dream via the highway. Which lead us to chatting about all the fabulous roadtrips we wanted to take around the country. I spent most of my childhood roadtripping but Linds hasn’t seen as much of the USA as she’d like. In fact, she’s seen just about as...

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Gay Helsinki Travel Guide

TRAVEL & LGBT Gay Helsinki Travel Guide This winter we partnered with My Helsinki and spent a week exploring Helsinki’s restaurant, design, sauna, and LGBT scene. Believe it or not, I had never been to Europe before landing in Helsinki. So when we were contacted by  My Helsinki I was super pumped. Plus, we had been chasing the sun for almost a year, I was ready to wear sweaters and see snow. Read on for our Helsinki travel guide with all the best hotels, activities, and restaurants to help build your plan your Helsinki Holiday. Getting to Helsinki For all of...

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Queers You Should Know: Singer Songwriter Miki Ratsula

Queers You Should Know: Singer-Songwriter & Internet Babe Miki Ratsula By Meg Cale After visiting Helsinki we fell in love with the artistic stylings of so many Finnish performers that we had to bring you a new Queers You Should Know interview. This week on Queers You Should Know, I have Finnish-American singer Songwriter, Miki Ratsula. Miki at 19 years old, has written and produced over twenty original songs. She is most known by her fans for her stripped-down covers, creative mashups, and calming love songs. Hey Miki, tell me a bit about yourself. I’m 19 years old. I...

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The Best LGBT Travelers to Follow on Instagram

TRAVEL & LGBT The Best LGBT Travelers to Follow on Instagram Lindsay Cale Instagram has always been our favorite social media site because it’s an easy way to connect with travelers from around the world and plan our future trips. We’re not ashamed to say that we’ve found some of our favorite locations in the world via beautifully curated LGBT Instagram feeds. Find your travel inspiration and plan your next vacation with tips and trips from the best LGBT travelers on Instagram. These seasoned queer travel veterans know all the hotspots for gay travel around the world. Dopes on the...

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