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Whitney Day Events

International DJ, Whitney Day, hosts the kind of parties most people only see in movies or their dreams. The last party of hers I was at ended up with me falling out of a cab at 7am. She’s the undisputed queen of lesbian nightlife in New York City with her parties bringing in women from all over the tri-state area. Her 2014 Pride Party had more than 2000 women in attendance, 4 international DJs, professional dancers and 3 additional performers. Her parties are a must attend for anyone looking for a great time.

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NYC Queer Party Hot Rabbit

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Hot Rabbit

Hot Rabbit is a weekly party held at Monster, a dive bar across the street from Stonewall in the west-village. It’s got a queer edgy vibe to it, perfect for meeting that mysterious someone at the bar for a PBR. This party has won a slew of nightlife awards including “Best Gay Nightlife Event” from both TIME OUT New York and The Gothamist. It kinda feels like a house party broke out in a dive bar with awesome music. They host weekly rotating DJs. Every DJ is unique so each week feels like a fresh new event. We love hanging out on nights when DJ M.O and DJ Whitney Day are spinning. Check it out for cheap drink specials and a diverse mixed queer crowd.

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Stonewall NYC


Every good gay knows about Stonewall. Yes, I’m talking about THE Stonewall. While it does have some fascinating history, it also has a great casual atmosphere with pool tables and an upstairs dancing area. Head upstairs on a Friday night, it’ll be packed with sweaty people breaking it down to a mix of pop and hip-hop.

Cubbyhole Bar NYC

Cubby Hole

Cubby Hole is a small neighborhood lesbian bar in the West Village. It’s about the size of a broom closet and decorated with a collection of random “stuff” hanging from the ceiling. You’ll find giant paper umbrellas, plastic toys and seasonal décor hanging from fishing line just above your head. [Pro Tip: the bartender gets pissed when you try to tear stuff down after you’ve had one too many.] You’ll find folks hanging around for after work cocktails bumping into each other while swaying to a Robyn song. Head over on a Tuesday night for margarita specials and jukebox tunes.

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