Wrangler has teamed up with renowned, explorer Alastair Humphreys to launch the Born Ready Adventures campaign, designed to get city dwellers out and enjoying an adventure within and around the city limits.

In case you haven’t heard of Alastair Humphreys, he’s a grade A badass. Not only was he National Geographic’s Adventurer of the Year. He’s best known for cycling around the world. LITERALLY around the world. Check out this route!


Photo Credit: Alastair Humpherys

60 countries. 5 continents. 4 years. 46,000 miles That’s quite the accomplishment. These days he’s been trying to make his adventures a bit more accessible. Which is where the partnership with Wrangler’s comes in.

Together, Wranglers and Humphreys are encouraging everyday folks to get out and participate in micro adventures. It doesn’t have to be some crazy records book kind of adventure, it could just be hiking a local trail or learning to snowshoe.

The folks from Wrangler reached out to me to try their new Born Ready Line. I was a bit skeptical at first, I had always associated Wrangler’s with the deep south, cowboys and not so flattering stereotypes that are less than LGBT friendly. I wasn’t sure our brands really meshed, but then I realized how narrow-minded I was being. There are tons of rural LGBT people and tons of LGBT people in big cities who want to find jeans that are durable, with a quality fit and materials. Hello! intersectionality! So in an effort to try something new and expand my fashion horizons, I gave the new Born Ready Line a shot and you know what? I actually liked them. They’re well made, comfortable and they fit my vibes. 

That’s exactly what Wrangler’s is bringing with this new line. Staple pieces that are quality and fashionable. They’re the perfect jeans for adventuring through the woods. Going on a trek or doing activities that require a bit more protection than your basic yoga pants provide. They’re practical, but they’re also stylish. They’re really nailing the outdoorsy, modern hippie look while staying focused on the activities you’re doing while wearing them.

This post was made possible by a collaboration with Wrangler.