Have you ever stumbled across a stranger on the Internet and immediately thought, “whoa, they’re so cool. I would absolutely hangout with them.” That was Lorenza for me. Her instagram page @Lorenzaessari resulted in months of me stalking her on the Internet before I introduced myself. I was lucky enough to be able to profile her in my Matador Network article “6 LGBT Travelers You Should Be Following on Instagram” and she generously allowed me to pick her brain on travel, her ladylove and some of her favorite photo tips. 

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m Lorenza, I’m 24 years old. I live in Padua, Italy with my girlfriend Ilenia. I’m studying Political Sciences, International Relations and Human Rights in University. I love traveling, being outdoors, and photographing new places and people.I’m an LGBTQ activist working on equality in Italy and I hope, one day, to be able to be a professional in this field.

Baries Lake Italy Lesbian Travelers

Baries Lake Italy

  1. What are your favorite destinations in the entire world?
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We have visited most of Europe. We loved the tulips fields in Holland. The European Parliament building in Brussels was beautiful. We enjoyed the rain in Ireland and were in awe of the remains of the Berlin Wall. Our next trip will be to Stockholm Sweden to see its landscapes in autumn. We’d love to branch out from Europe. We’re fascinated by Thailand, India, some African states, Peru and New Zealand.

  1. How do you navigate travel as a gay couple?

Every time we leave Italy, we feel more comfortable being gay. We had a terrible experience in Greece with people starting at us. But usually in other places, people don’t look at us funny while we’re walking hand in hand. We’re actually thinking about doing a working holiday in Canada, and trying to make it our home. We fell in love with Canada for its beautiful nature and it’s positive stance on LGBT people. We believe it would be a good place to live and start our family. We’d like to settle in a country where our family can enjoy all the same freedoms as everyone else.

Molina Falls Verona Italy Lesbian Travelers

Molina Falls Verona Italy

  1. Your Instagram @lorenzatessari account is stunning. Do you have any tips or tricks for taking photos?
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When I take photos, I try to take the scenery from uncommon perspectives, paying attention to small details. Also, I try to photograph people in their natural exposure. I use VSCO Cam to modify my photos. It’s a great app with a lot of effects.

  1. Anything you want to say for those readers with a strong wanderlust but still dreaming of adventures?

You don’t need a lot of money to travel but you have to be an easygoing person. No one should be deprived of the experience of travel; it opens your mind, your eyes and your heart. If you can travel with the one you love, it will reinforce your relationship.

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