Button & Bly are Youtubers and besties who have a love of travel and some sweet video editing skills. On a wim they decided to book one way tickets to Europe and thus Button & Bly’s Travel Show was born. They’re halfway through their second season and making plans for what’s next. We sat down with them to learn more about their show, travels and wildest adventures.

Meg: Hey guys! Tell us about yourselves.


Hey everyone we are Button and Bly! We have been living in Los Angeles CA for several years, and work in the Film/TV industry. Button works as a camera operator and Bly is an Audio Mixer. We met at the world famous women’s weekend Dinah Shore 4 years ago and have been friends ever since. With both of us sharing similar goals and dreams we decided to set out and explore the world together and show you our findings and adventures.

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Meg: Wait, You seriously met at Dinah?


Haha yea we did. I was with Croce walking around the pool and we ran into Lauren. We somehow started talking but we didn’t hang out with her until we went back to LA. Croce and I were building a pond and patio and invited Lauren over to help.

Meg: Awe, that’s kinda cute, the start of a bromance. What exactly do you mean building a pond? What does that mean? 

Bly: We had a landscaping service “dykes n dirt”

Meg: OMG, I can only imagine what that logo looked like. Landscaping, video editing, world traveling… is there anything you guys don’t do? By the way, I love your Travel Show,  how did you get your start in vlogging? 

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We, kinda got started on accident. haha We had never traveled outside of the USA and barely done much around the states at that. We decided we really wanted to get out there and start exploring. Since our friends and family wanted to see our adventures we decided why not bring our camera and just tape some stuff and see what comes of it.


Yea, when we showed it to our friends Stevie and Sarah, they posted about it and some of their viewers watched it and since then it has been growing.

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Meg: That’s awesome, it’s great to have friends willing to help you along. I watch Stevie and Sarah’s stuff too. They seem like they have a lot of fun. What’s the craziest memory you guys have during your travels?

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Craziest memory…that is hard. There were so many… I think I might have to go with the Swedish gay cruise. I mean really… a boat for 24 hours with Scandinavia’s LGBTQ community! So many amazing memories from just 24 hours.


When we were in Edinburgh, we were out one night and met this musician named Sandra who invited us to come stay with her… she actually told us we needed a good wash haha. We trekked to her house which ended up being a beautiful beach flat that overlooked the North Sea. We drank wine and played music and laughed all night. It was one of the most memorable nights of the trip for me and I knew that Sandra would be a friend for life. At the end of the trip after Bly left, I actually went back to Edinburgh and spent a few more weeks with Sandra and her partner Lorna.

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Meet A Lesbian Traveler; Button and Bly

Meg: Okay ladies, it’s no secret you’re fond of the nightlife. What is the best lesbian party you’ve ever been to?

Bly: This is a tough one! there are so many amazing parties and events to choose from. I think out of all of my years in the lesbian party scene,  I still want to say Provincetown MA (P-town as most know it) Memorial day ladies week is still my favorite lesbian party.

Meg: For those who don’t know, pre youtube, Bly had some incredible weekends in P-Town, most of which she probably doesn’t remember. 

Button: Bly is STILL trying to get me to go to P-town. Maybe one day it will work out. The only big Lesbian party I’ve ever been to is Dinah and I have a great time every time I go. However, one of the amazing things about having this travel show is that our viewers make suggestions all the time for parties that we should go to all over the world. Maybe in future seasons?

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Meg: Yes, please… that’s an episode I’d HAVE to see.  Any advice for our readers who want to live the travel life?


For the folks that want to live the travel life, it’s hard to give a specific thing for advice. I would say just get out there and explore. Each day you are learning something new and figuring out how to make ends meet. It can be difficult at times but in the end it is very rewarding. I have learned and grown so much in every aspect of my life since I started traveling. So really my only advice is to just get out there and go.

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The biggest thing is to just do it. Like what Bly is saying the most important thing is to just get up and go. Along with that, be open and fluid. Going on a trip where you have an itinerary and have planned out every day is amazing but it is not “living a life of travel.” Let the road take you where it does. Follow your intuition. Meet new people. Let them in and learn from them. You’ll learn so much about the world and chances are you’ll learn a lot about yourself also.

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