Photo Credit: Robert S. Donovan

1. Erase Your Search History 

Most booking websites track their visitors. If you’ve been doing travel research the site will know and can up the price.

2. Pick Your Dates

Having flexible dates allows you to broaden your net for cheaper flights. Traveling on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday is usually cheaper than other days of the week, with the exception of holiday traveling.

 3. Is There More Than One Airport?

There are multiple airports in most major cities. Be flexible with your airport and you will have more options for airlines and flights. The difference between JFK and LaGuardia in New York City can save you hundreds of dollars.

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4. Use at Least Two Flight Search Engines

I like Kayak and Skyscanner best because they search a variety of airlines and other sites at the same time. Do a quick search for the flight you’re looking for and find the cheapest flight for your preferred route.

5. Check the Airline’s Website

Before you make a purchase check the airline’s website. Sometimes airlines will list the flights at a cheaper price to encourage people to go through them directly.

6. Search for Promotional Codes

This is the last step before purchasing. Run a quick Google search for the name of the airline and promotional codes. You may get lucky and find an active discount code.

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