Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves what we already know. In celebration of womanhood and how far we’ve come, I give you some of my best inspirational quotes for #GirlBosses. 

  1. I am powerful. Things-I-Know-to-be-True

  2. Be everyone’s cheerleader.

  3. I can create.

  4. I’m at my best when I’m surrounded by people who motivate me.

  5. Intelligence cannot be bought or sold.

  6. Becoming your brand is smart business.

  7. Work so hard you can’t think & you’ll reap rewards. Things-I-Know-to-be-True

  8. Work smart.

  9. Borrow wisely.

  10. You don’t need to recreate the wheel.

  11. But originality sells.

  12. Times of distress are the times that shape who we are.

  13. Finding mentors is your best investment. Things-I-Know-to-be-True

  14. Relationships are two way streets. Give as much as you get.

  15. My voice has value. Things-I-Know-to-be-True

  16. Diversity helps me become a better human.

  17. Feminism is building other women up.Things-I-Know-to-be-True

  18. Reading everything is the key to my success.

  19. Being humble is overrated. Having tact is not.

  20. You are who you pretend to be.Things-I-Know-to-be-True

  21. Who you emulate dictates who you allow yourself to become.

  22. Apathy is the enemy.

  23. Knowing how to learn is the most important skill in life.

  24. Media literacy is a skill and should be taught in schools.

  25. Do your own research if you want it done right.