Author: Tamara Bachelder

FOODIE FRIDAY: Henry’s on the Farm

Henry’s on the Farm is located in Milton, NY as part of the Buttermilk Falls Inn and Spa Resort. Tamara: “It’s really hard to surprise me. I usually can figure it out ahead of time, but this time I really had no idea where we were going. Bella really surprised me with this one!” Bella: “Present! So!… We parked the car in a small, unpaved lot just beyond the restaurant. Our walk to the restaurant was short but wonderful. Smells of fresh grass and warm air consumed the atmosphere. The quacks and squawks of the ducks and geese that...

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FOODIE FRIDAY: How to Make Swedish Pancakes

Hi!  I’m Tamara, the other half to Come, Sit Down With Us.  I would love to give you a small glimpse into the making of who I am today. So please grab a glass of ‘Kano’ Sauvignon Blanc and Come, Sit Down With Us! I was born and raised in PA; Pennsylvania for those who live anywhere else (locals tend to call it PA).  I was born Pittsburgh then moved to Lancaster where I spent most of my childhood. My love for food and wine came to me in a tangled and twisted path but a path I loved! ...

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Welcome to Dopes on the Road! I'm Lindsay and I've created DotR as a space dedicated to inspiring and equipping LGBT travelers to live a life of adventures. Take a look around and don't be afraid to say hi! Read More

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