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Hotel Review: 99 Gallery Hotel in Chiang Mai, Thailand

This hotel review of 99 Gallery Hotel in Chiang Mai, Thailand is not a paid post, but it does contain an affiliate link. Size: The room was a small but perfectly reasonable size for Thailand. We were on the second floor overlooking the pool. We had a double size bed and enough room to walk around comfortably. Price: We paid $40 a night for our room, but it was absolutely worth it to be able to use the pool during the hot sticky afternoons between excursions. You can definitely find cheaper hotels in the area, but this place was...

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Meet a Traveler; Button & Bly

Button & Bly are Youtubers and besties who have a love of travel and some sweet video editing skills. On a wim they decided to book one way tickets to Europe and thus Button & Bly’s Travel Show was born. They’re halfway through their second season and making plans for what’s next. We sat down with them to learn more about their show, travels and wildest adventures. Meg: Hey guys! Tell us about yourselves. Bly: Hey everyone we are Button and Bly! We have been living in Los Angeles CA for several years, and work in the Film/TV industry. Button works as a...

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Lesbian Travel Guide: Seoul, South Korea

  Korea is the land of beautiful cities, high tech experiences, and ancient history. Korea offers is a travel option for LGBT people looking to explore somewhere different from our usual Key West and Barcelona retreats. Seoul is clean, well organized and has an extremely efficient public transportation system. If you’re looking to explore Korean culture, you can visit one of the many ancient temples and museums dedicated to the history of the Korean peninsula. If modern delights are more your thing, check out Hongdae for art galleries, cafes, and a thriving club culture. Fly into Inchon International Airport...

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Meet a Traveler (or two!): The internet’s most adorable lesbian couple of color

Ce’Lene and Erinn are  the kind of couple that makes you say “daawwwwwww, they should be in a Hallmark commercial…” They’re from Seattle and started just wrapped up an around the world trip. Don’t worry though, they’ve documented their travels on their blog and Youtube channel so you can still enjoy all their adorably sweet selfies and incredible travel photography. Tell us a little bit about yourselves and how did you end up traveling so much?  Erinn: We are a lesbian couple from Seattle. We’ve been together for two years and best friends for three. Ce’Lene has always dreamed of traveling the...

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Transgender Travel Guide: Get Through The TSA Safely

Photo Credit: Maurits Knook Warning: If you’re a transgender person you can probably skip this intro section. It’s filled with statistics and information that might be triggering.  According to US Department of Defense data, a soldier’s chance of dying in Iraq is 1 in 255 people per year. According to the Human Rights Campaign, your chances of being murdered as a transgender person are 1 in 12. Let that sink in for a minute.  One in twelve. That means trans people are 21 times more likely to be murdered while walking down the streets of America than a soldier...

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