Author: Meg Cale

We Ranked the Best Lesbian Scenes in Pop Culture… for Uhh…Science

You might have heard that 2018 was the best year yet for LGBTQ+ representation on TV and, if you’re anything like me, you’re hoping for more queer characters on TV (and in all media) this year. But I’ve been thinking recently about all of the women who love women that I’ve seen on my screens over the years and how the shaped me into the gay lady I am today. Some of them made my heart skip a beat, some of them made it break ever so slightly, and some of them I replayed in my head while lying...

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The Queer Life Lessons I Learned From the L Word

Despite being canceled 10 years ago, The L Word is still one of the most beloved pieces of lesbian pop culture ever created. Which might be why there are rumors of a revival swirling around the internet. Let’s be honest – the show wasn’t perfect, there were a lot of things the L word fucked up. Y’all gotta keep in mind, at the time there were was barely any LGBT representation on mainstream TV. The bar was really low and we were happy with what we got.  It was the first time I ever saw myself reflected in the...

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The Ultimate Guide to Lesbian Travel in Brighton

Brighton is the unofficial gay capital of the UK with the country’s highest proportion of same-sex households, first Trans Pride, and, some might say, best queer nightlife scene. But it’s not just the LGBT+ scene that makes Brighton an awesome place to travel to. In fact, this chilled out seaside city is a hub for artistic expression, independent shops and restaurants, and progressive politics that have helped shape Brighton into the queer haven that it is today. How did Brighton become an LGBT+ hot spot? Almost 15% of all people in Brighton identify as LGBT+ and that’s hardly a...

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The Ultimate Lesbian Manchester Travel Guide

Manchester is a city known for its musical talent (The Smiths, The 1975, Oasis), it’s “radical literary history” (according to UNESCO), and its wide array of sporting triumphs (Manchester United soccer team), but it is also the perfect vacation spot for women who love women, featuring a famous lesbian bar, a gay village, and plenty of queer history. It’s pretty obvious why the side of lesbians flock to Manchester. As you can probably guess, this article is going to focus on gay Manchester but more specifically places, events, and activities, that cater specifically for gay women and not on...

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I was wrong about scissoring

It’s a well-known fact that I talk a lot of shit on the internet. I’ve never been shy about my opinions – especially on my Facebook. I post about insights on topics as varied as LGBT culture, travel, and lesbian sexuality. I ask y’all questions and post about current events in the world. I’m also known to make a sex joke or two. This is a pretty regular thing for me, but sometimes I forget that thousands of people read my ramblings until I post a status like this: For the lesbian community, scissoring is like religion – ya...

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