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Epic Travel Bucket List to Shake Up Your Day to Day

TRAVEL & LGBT Epic Travel Bucket List to Shake Up Your Day to Day If I’ve learned anything about traveling its that no matter how many places you visit the list of places you want to see grows twice as fast. My travel bucket list is constantly growing and changing. I am unbelievably fortunate to have been able to check off so many cool buckets list ideas in the last 5 years, I thought it was time to finally update this list. In our house, we are big on speaking things into existence. So here I am laying out...

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7 Can’t Miss Ottawa Activities

TRAVEL & LGBT 7 Can’t-Miss Ottawa Activities We started our trip to Ottawa in the depths of the travel blogging underbelly. More often than not the long travel days get summarized into a cute Instagram story we’re all familiar with.  A quick walk down the jetway, cute in your seat selfie and ta-da, we’re there! In reality, that is almost never how it goes nobody wants to read about my nap on the floor, Meg’s 5th cup of coffee or our fight over the last gummy bear. Travel, it isn’t always pretty but it’s always worth it.  What I love...

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Summer Packing List for Gender Neutral Clothing

TRAVEL & LGBT Summer Packing List for Gender Neutral Clothing It’s vacation season! Whether your going across the world, country or state there’s one thing for sure, we’ll all be packing. The internet and more specifically Pinterest has a packing guide for almost everything imaginable, except gender neutral clothing. I see you, and here’s the summer packing list you’re looking for. My androgynous style is minimal and casual so this list will echo those vibes. I also absolutely hate checking bags, it’s expensive, adds extra steps and is a pain to lug around. Obviously, there are times when it’s...

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Your Gay Disney Vacation Should Include More Than Theme Parks

TRAVEL & LGBT Your Gay Disney Vacation Should Include More Than Theme Parks We wanted to kick our summer off right and couldn’t think of any better way to do that than snow cones, caramel corn, and roller coasters! We partnered with Experience Kissimmee to create the perfect summer kick-off trip. Our goals were to find the perfect balance between the youthful theme park energy and battery recharging relaxation. Yes, that lesbian Disney trip should be on your itinerary complete with your cute tee and Mickey ears. You know, do it got the gram.  However, if you’re spending all...

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Ultimate Lesbian Fort Lauderdale Guide

Ultimate Lesbian Fort Lauderdale Guide Ft Lauderdale is the ideal destination for your relaxing lesbian vacation with your babe or a group of friends. We have had tons of questions from you guys about this area so we were pumped about the opportunity to work with Hello Sunny. The beaches and restaurants draw you in but the LGBTQ community is what will keep you coming back. Traveling as an LGBT person can be incredibly stressful. Having a great time while still maintaining your safety sometimes feels like a tightrope act. Luckily, that’s not the case everywhere and Ft. Lauderdale...

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