Author: Lindsay Cale

What to Wear on Safari: a full packing guide

Figuring out what to take on a safari is flat out intimidating! There are undoubtedly more “rules” for what to wear on safari than almost any other trip I’ve taken. Going on an East African safari has been a dream for years. I wanted to follow every suggestion out there that would lead me to see the most animals possible. But let’s face it, I also wanted to feel good about what I was wearing since these are photos I’ll treasure for a lifetime.  From the Maasai Mara in Kenya, Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania and hundreds of bumpy dusty...

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My Lesbian Haircut; it’s not just hair

  My hair is a dark mass of course curls. When left to its own devices it sticks straight up in clumps of wire like swirls. While I was growing up, it was never a priority and was perpetually swept up into the standard issue basketball practice bun directly on the top of my head. Now in my thirties and fully immersed in my identity as an androgynous queer woman, my lesbian haircut is one of the many things that makes me feel – well – the most me. There’s nothing like seeing yourself reflected to really open your...

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Dinah Shore Weekend: Adventure to Slab City with Mazda

It is no secret that Dinah Shore weekend is a lesbian right of passage. Multiple days spent sipping drinks and dancing around the pool you longed to be at while watching the Real L Word. The words lesbian spring break are often used to describe the weekend. While YES, you can absolutely come to drink your face off there is so much more to Dinah Shore weekend. The biggest one for me is being surrounded by the community in a way I have yet to experience. It was so cool to be at dinner listening to a group of...

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Catch a Ride to 2019 World Pride with

This year New York City is expecting in the neighborhood of four million rainbow and glitter-clad World Pride attendees to flood the streets of Manhattan. New York City Pride is always one of the largest in the world but with this being 2019, World Pride expect the turn out to be on a whole other level. The city will be absolutely overflowing with the kind of love and acceptance that carries us through the rest of the year. Meg and I spent an amazing few days in the city last month and putting together the Ultimate Queer Weekend in...

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15 Oxnard Restaurants You Must Try

  When we visited Oxnard I made it my personal mission to eat as many restaurants as possible. But let’s be honest that’s pretty much my plan when visiting any new place. All of the super fresh food we devoured seemed to go hand in hand with the active beach community we fell in love with. So save yourself for needing to do too much research, these are the Oxnard restaurants you can’t miss.   Breakfast in Oxnard Palm & Boy Coffee + Acai This is what I think of when I think of the quintessential beach breakfast. At...

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