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Should I take THIS vacation: Things to ask yourself

  Sorting out the details of booking a vacation can be stressful. Knowing whether we have a good deal, that the destination is right and if it’s worth the hassle can be confusing and stressful.  For some people, this uncertainty and added stress may make it feel it’s just easier not to. Plus, we all have busy lives. That looming concern of a last-minute cancelation (find out more about cancellations) can at times feel like too much to handle.    However, traveling is good for the soul. The benefits of travel couples fill up multiple posts on their own. Of...

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Vacation in Puerto Rico: Why More Lesbian Vacations Should Happen Here

  I mean we’re beautiful, the island is beautiful that’s a pretty good place to start in my opinion. I visited Puerto Rico for the first time this winter. As an American, specifically and American based on the east coast admitting that sound almost ridiculous. That’s part of the problem, not enough Americans are considering a vacation in Puerto Rico! Sure, we’re going to the Caribbean in huge numbers but why aren’t more of us visiting Puerto Rico?  When we look specifically at LGBTQ travel and lesbian vacations, Puerto Rico stands out even more as an outstanding choice. Many...

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Grand Rapids Restaurants You Need to Visit 

  In 2019, there was a huge push to eat more local, in-season produce and of course live a  more sustainable life. Something that Grand Rapids has been doing well before this year. When Meg Ten Eyck and I were invited by Experience Grand Rapids to visit this midwest city I knew almost nothing about the food.  I found out that Michigan grows a greater range of produce than any state except California. That fact means eating locally grown, fresh and in-season produce has been a way of life for well, forever. By blending hearty and heavy midwestern food...

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15 Great Things to Do in Grand Rapids

We were able to spend a long weekend discovering all the best things to do in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Both Meg and I have been chasing summer for the better part of two years. So when Experience Grand Rapids invited us for a long weekend in the fall we were ecstatic. We’ve had a mutual obsession with hot beverages so we couldn’t wait to get our hands on all the cider, coffee and tea.  Let’s be honest, many of us have no clue what to do in Grand Rapids. It is time for that to change. There are so...

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20 Best Things to Do in Pittsburgh

  We spent five full days checking out Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  The weather was perfect and we explored what felt like every inch of the city on foot. We were invited by Visit Pittsburgh to check out the city’s amazing arts and culture scene. We were both blown away by how much the city had to offer. From the robust collection of Carnegie Museums to the stunning Andy Warhol museum and of course all the quirks of Randyland there is no shortage of things to do in Pittsburgh.  This western Pennsylvania City known is known as the City of Bridges...

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