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Catch a Ride to 2019 World Pride with

This year New York City is expecting in the neighborhood of four million rainbow and glitter-clad World Pride attendees to flood the streets of Manhattan. New York City Pride is always one of the largest in the world but with this being 2019, World Pride expect the turn out to be on a whole other level. The city will be absolutely overflowing with the kind of love and acceptance that carries us through the rest of the year. Meg and I spent an amazing few days in the city last month and putting together the Ultimate Queer Weekend in...

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15 Oxnard Restaurants You Must Try

  When we visited Oxnard I made it my personal mission to eat as many restaurants as possible. But let’s be honest that’s pretty much my plan when visiting any new place. All of the super fresh food we devoured seemed to go hand in hand with the active beach community we fell in love with. So save yourself for needing to do too much research, these are the Oxnard restaurants you can’t miss.   Breakfast in Oxnard Palm & Boy Coffee + Acai This is what I think of when I think of the quintessential beach breakfast. At...

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Berlin Travel Journal

Like all good Queers, visiting Berlin has been on my radar for years. It is a city you’ll find one of the most thriving queer communities in the world. While sitting in our favorite hostel, Generator,  the first night in town I couldn’t help but realize that I was far from the only gender nonconforming person in the room. This perhaps happening for the first time ever in a space not specifically designated as LGBT. While Berlin has all the hallmarks of what I often seek out in a city, street art, delicious food and unique architecture. What was...

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14 Delicious Turkish Dishes to Try in Istanbul

It is an undisputed fact a visit to Turkey ended up on my radar because of a strong desire to eat all the things. While there is so much more to see and do in Istanbul the food as expected was a highlight. During 10 days here I consumed all the Turkish dishes I could get my hands on. Everything from Turkish street food to elaborate Turkish breakfast had me smiling from ear to ear. Turkish Breakfast Don’t miss out on a traditional or semi-traditional Turkish Breakfast. For an American, it will be in stark contrast to what we’re...

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Things to know for your first Royal Caribbean Cruise

We were invited by Royal Caribbean in partnership with IGLTA  to experience a few days on their newest ship, Symphony of the Seas. As a first-time cruise goer, I pestered Meg with questions on what to expect in the weeks leading up. What I found was traveling on a cruise ship is so much about creating your own experience. If you want to be on the go nonstop no problem, if a strong cocktail and tan is your main objective you’re good too. I actually enjoyed the experience so much I convinced my Dad to take his first cruise....

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