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Asian Cooking At Home: How to Make Taiwanese Dumplings

This week Tamara and Bella sat down with their friend Carol to learn how to make Taiwanese dumplings at home in their kitchen. I set the mic down on the table and said, “So, if you could just walk us through what you’re doing and how much of what you’re using.” And her response was, “haha! How much.” Carol explained that in her family dumplings were more like a hobby than anything else. She laughed when she remarked on the quantity of the ingredients she was using because it really is by eyesight. Let’s travel back to little 8...

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Foodie Friday: Pat’s VS Gino’s The Philly Cheese Steak Show Down

Everybody STOP! Hold the Phone!! The War to end all Wars is here! The time has come to finally answer the question: Who has the best Philly Cheese Steaks in Philly; Pat’s King of Steaks vs. Geno’s Steaks. This is a battle that has been going down for years and still goes on to this day. So we decided to get front row seats! In the blue corner weighing in at a solid 2 pounds, the Thunder from Down Under, Pat’s King of Steaks! And his opponent, making his way from all the way across the street, coming in...

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Foodie Friday: Greek Yemista

Alright, eater friends! Come with me, Bella, to visit my father Jim in Queens, NY. My dad was born Dimitrios Katsarelis is the suburb of Korydallos in the city of Pireaus. Pireaus is a port region in Athens the capital of Greece. He was born to his dad, Nikodimos and his mom, Garyfalia. When we asked my father what he wanted to cook with us he smiled and said “Yemista”. “This was always my favorite meal. As a kid growing up, I used to love it when my mother made these things.” My dad continued, “After being diagnosed with...

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Chicken Parm and Broccoli Pasta: A Recipe Spiced with Memories

Greetings fellow eaters! Bella here and I’m going to show you how to make Chicken Parmigiana and Pasta with Broccoli. But, before we get to the tasty stuff, I’d like to tell you a tale about Little Bella growing up in Queens, NY. So, grab a nice glass of Carlo Rossi, the perfect pairing for this meal and Come, Sit Down With Us! My parents both immigrated to the USofA from their native countries in their early teenage years. My dad is from Athens, Greece and Mom is from Borgetto, Sicily. They met, married, had my brother, and then...

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