Author: Emily Stewart

My First Time as a Travel Sex Worker

TRAVEL & LGBT My First Time as a Travel Sex Worker Emily Stewart     Editor’s note: This guest post contains explicit language and sensitive themes. Bisexual erasure is a pervasive problem in our community. Erasure is a reference to the outright denial of the existence or legitimacy of bisexuality. Here at DotR it is our goal to use guest posts to showcase voices from underrepresented populations within the queer world. Like any identity-based community, the experiences of bisexual people are diverse and nuanced. While this post does contain sexual content, it is the perspective of one woman and...

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LGBTQ Getaway: Bisexual in Brest, France

Welcome to the LGBTQ Getaway series! Readers are constantly asking, “What is it like in ______ country for LGBTQ travelers?” I haven’t been everywhere in the world (yet) and find that experiences traveling vary with identities. Each week I’ll focus on a different place and highlight the experience of LGBTQ people. Sometimes I’ll write about my experiences, but because of my gender conformity and whiteness I represent a very small proportion of the LGBTQ community. In an effort to bring a variety of voices to the table, I’ll have guest writers talking about their experiences as well. If you’re interested...

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Welcome to Dopes on the Road! I'm Lindsay and I've created DotR as a space dedicated to inspiring and equipping LGBT travelers to live a life of adventures. Take a look around and don't be afraid to say hi! Read More

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