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What It’s Like to be a Black & Transgender Traveler

This post is a continuation of the LGBTQ Getaway Series. We are inviting writers with different identities to describe their experiences traveling the world. Today, we have black, transgender traveler and activist Devin-Norelle sharing zir experiences with travel. The Roadtrip You’re on a road with three of your best friends, road tripping across the country.You found ways to pass the time by singing, laughing, or playing games. Without warning a vehicle slams into your car. You are ejected, you feel your bones smash into the road. Your mind goes black. You’re on a gravel road, face down, with no...

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Transgender Travel Guide: Get Through The TSA Safely

Photo Credit: Maurits Knook Warning: If you’re a transgender person you can probably skip this intro section. It’s filled with statistics and information that might be triggering.  According to US Department of Defense data, a soldier’s chance of dying in Iraq is 1 in 255 people per year. According to the Human Rights Campaign, your chances of being murdered as a transgender person are 1 in 12. Let that sink in for a minute.  One in twelve. That means trans people are 21 times more likely to be murdered while walking down the streets of America than a soldier...

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8 Tips for Traveling in Kenya  and Tanzania as an LGBT Couple

East Africa is for the experienced LGBT traveler. It’s a region of the world that has been impacted heavily by evangelical colonialism, poverty, and political strife. Any of those three issues would dramatically impact a traveler’s experience but the three of them combined makes for a particularly advanced travel experience. When you toss into the mix legal issues for gay Tanzania travel you’re really diving headfirst into the advanced travel territory.  Every time I discuss traveling to anti-LGBT countries, folks make the argument that we shouldn’t support countries that don’t support our people. The simple, obvious solution is to...

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The Ultimate Guide to an African Safari: How to Prepare for Your East African Travel

I’ve wanted to go on Safari for as long as I can remember. There is nothing quite like seeing elephants and lions in their natural habitat. When I was asked which tour I wanted to take as Contiki Ambassador, I knew the East Africa Safari was the one that made my heart sing. I wanted to experience the tent camps but I also wanted to see first hand what Kenya and Tanzania were like. I wanted to visit the local villages, taste the local cuisine, and see firsthand what these beautiful countries are like.  Useful Swahili Words  Jambo –...

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18 lesbian sites to bookmark IMMEDIATELY

When I was about nine, I typed the word “lesbian” into Internet Explorer search bar on my parents’ desktop computer after a girl at school told me I looked like one. (It was the week before I was going on holiday to South Africa and being the practical kid I was, I’d asked the hairdresser to cut my hair very short.) What came up were a bunch of ads featuring naked women doing things that I was too young to see. About three years later, I typed the phrase “am I a lesbian?” into the same search bar after...

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