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EuroPride 2015 in Riga, Latvia

I was a witness to history unfolding itself in Riga this month. The third stop on my leg of the #MyGayPride tour with Two Bad Tourists and Gay Star News, Riga was the first post soviet country to host EuroPride. EuroPride is a week long celebration of European LGBTs. Each year, the celebration is held in a different country around Europe. This year was very different than previous years because it was held 200 miles from Russian border days after massive violence erupted in the Ukraine pride festival. Russia is well known for having strong anti-LGBT policies and has been...

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Postcards from Riga

I got to visit Latvia for EuroPride 2015. Riga’s winding cobblestone streets in Old Town make it look like something straight out of Grimm’s Fairy Tales. The weather is perfect in a mild-sunny-warm kind of way. I woke up early on a Sunday morning to take a breath from all my Pride travels to experience the morning calm of Riga. I found gorgeous gothic churches and unique architecture that has expanded each century with a heavy influence by the many countries that have occupied Latvia. Independent since 1991, modern Riga is green, lush and full of interesting picturesque scenes....

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3 Day LGBT Family Vacation Itinerary in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

TRAVEL & LGBT 3 Day LGBT Family Vacation Itinerary in Puerto Vallarta Mexico Meg Cale When LGBT folks travel, it can be extremely difficult to find accurate information. That – in a nutshell – is why this blog exists. But when you’re searching for LGBT travel information that’s family friendly – it’s a whole unique set of challenges. Since we’ve moved to Mexico, we’ve been exploring some of our favorite towns around the country.  Which is why we jumped at the chance to work with Puerto Vallarta tourism on this post. Puerto Vallarta is the perfect family-friendly destination but it’s...

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Estonia is the Most Connected Country in More Than One Way

What’s the most digitally advanced country in the world? Take a guess…. No really… I’ll wait. I’d bet most of you probably guessed somewhere in Asia. Japan maybe? NOPE. Estonia. It’s in northeastern Europe bordering Latvia and Russia. It’s considered the most digitally advanced because of their willingness to invest in country wide tech infrastructure. For example, every resident of Estonia is issued an ID card to gain access to the countries services. All 4000 of those services are available online via the card. Residents can manage their financial accounts, register for licensure, pay fines, order prescriptions and even...

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Travel Journal: 48 Hours in London

Visiting London has been a long time dream of mine. When I was a kid, I was a bit obsessed with the Geri Halliwell. To this day, I believe she might have been my first crush. My… my… how some things change. I watched Spice World on VHS so many times that the tape frayed and I actually cried. CRIED. I was in high school… anywhoo that’s not embarrassing. My childhood was actually filled with tons of London centric stories. Peter Pan was always my favorite book growing up. So much so that I considered getting a tattoo that...

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