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LGBTQ Getaway: Bisexual in Brest, France

Welcome to the LGBTQ Getaway series! Readers are constantly asking, “What is it like in ______ country for LGBTQ travelers?” I haven’t been everywhere in the world (yet) and find that experiences traveling vary with identities. Each week I’ll focus on a different place and highlight the experience of LGBTQ people. Sometimes I’ll write about my experiences, but because of my gender conformity and whiteness I represent a very small proportion of the LGBTQ community. In an effort to bring a variety of voices to the table, I’ll have guest writers talking about their experiences as well. If you’re interested...

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LGBTQ Friendly Hotel Review: The Inn at Twin Linden

This past weekend, thanks to Select Registry, I had the opportunity to stay at The Inn at Twin Linden. It was planned as a romantic Friday away, but last minute my partner had a conflict with a gig… musicians, sigh. So it turned out to be a surprise Friday away of self-love and pampering just for me. I was not disappointed. The inn itself has a beautiful garden and sprawling weeping beech tree surrounded by rolling farmland. I relaxed in a bubble bath in the evening and cozied up with a book and a beautiful view. The three-course breakfast...

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LGBTQ Friendly Hotel Review: French Manor Inn and Spa

Last week, Select Registry sent me and my partner Lindsay to review The French Manor Inn and Spa for LGBT couples. It didn’t disappoint. French Manor is located in the middle of the woods in the Poconos Mountains of Pennsylvania. It’s natural setting makes it a perfect alternative to the city getaway. They are all about relaxation and indulgence with spa packages and their beautiful French restaurant. I’d recommend it for the couple looking for a quiet and romantic weekend away to celebrate. Accommodations We stayed in the Evian Spa Suite. It was beautifully designed to cater to a...

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Lesbian Getaway: Kalani Oceanside Retreat

In the second installment of our guest author series, Cheri Ellefson takes us on an LGBTQ Getaway to Kalani Oceanside Retreat on the big island of Hawaii. Check out the other posts in this series here.  Situated on 120 acres of beautiful, organic and preserved heritage property, Kalani Oceanside Retreat is the real deal. A hidden oasis nestled within a lush rainforest, this resort offers amenities found at high-end luxury spas. If that’s not allure enough, it’s also one of the most welcoming vacation destinations in the world for queer women. Kalani feels like an island unto itself: you...

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What It’s Like to be a Black & Transgender Traveler

This post is a continuation of the LGBTQ Getaway Series. We are inviting writers with different identities to describe their experiences traveling the world. Today, we have black, transgender traveler and activist Devin-Norelle sharing zir experiences with travel. The Roadtrip You’re on a road with three of your best friends, road tripping across the country.You found ways to pass the time by singing, laughing, or playing games. Without warning a vehicle slams into your car. You are ejected, you feel your bones smash into the road. Your mind goes black. You’re on a gravel road, face down, with no...

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