Bougie; adjective anything that is seen as upscale or refers to the affluent class in the United States.

Let’s be real, New Yorkers love two things, brunch and pretending to be unfazed by the bougiest possible situations. If you are visiting NYC, you must attend a good weekend brunch. Here are my picks for the best brunch to channel your inner Gossip Girl.

Beauty and Essex - 7 Best Bougie & Boozy Brunches in NYC- Lesbian Travel Guide

Beauty and Essex

Beauty & Essex

This gorgeous luxury restaurant is hidden behind an old pawnshop. When you first see the building, it appears to be an abandoned furniture store turned run down cash for gold storefront. Like all good things in NYC, you have to know what you’re looking for to see it. You enter through a hidden door at the back of the pawnshop. Once inside, you’re immediately part of a world that feels like a secret club. Everything is upscale and drips high-end ambiance and dirty sexy money. Every time I eat here, I wear my best heels and use it as an excuse to get a blowout – it’s that kind of place. Luckily, the food while overpriced is absolutely delicious. If you’re going for brunch try the red velvet waffles with cream cheese icing ($12). If you’re feeling like a cocktail, try the Sapphire Seventy-Five. It’s a mixture of blueberry brown sugar Bombay Sapphire with prosecco and sour mix. No matter what you order, you won’t be disappointed.
Stanton Social - 7 Best Bougie & Boozy Brunches in NYC- Lesbian Travel Guide

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Stanton Social

This high-end eatery is a place to see and be seen. They are just as well known for their page-6 clientele as they are for their delicious shareable tapas menu items. The French onion soup dumplings are an absolute must. Also, try the potato and goat cheese pierogies. The only critique is that they are supposed to be shared and my greedy inner self always wants more. I quickly forget once the next course is served. Don’t forget to make a reservation. Prices range from $8-$26 for each tapas item.

Casa La Femme - 7 Best Bougie & Boozy Brunches in NYC- Lesbian Travel Guide

Casa La Femme

Casa La Femme

Casa La Femme is an elegant Egyptian restaurant tucked into a corner of the West Village. The set menu is the perfect way to try a sampling of Egyptian dishes. Try the traditional Egyptian style mousaka with peppers, tomatoes, Egyptian cheese and eggplant. After you eat order a flavored hookah and enjoy the belly dancers performance with a cocktail. The Quitini is one of Casa La Femme’s signature cocktails. It is Qui platinum extra anejo tequila, cointreau, with a splash of fresh l lime juice and pink grapefruit. The cocktail is shaken and served in a sugar and sumac crusted martini glass topped with French Sparkling wine. Prices range from $8-$26.

Bar Bacon - 7 Best Bougie & Boozy Brunches in NYC- Lesbian Travel Guide

Bar Bacon

Bar Bacon

Bar Bacon is not as bougie as the other restaurants on this list, but it has a trendy cute vibe and the food is so good it cannot be missed. It has a bit of a downtown feel to it with their bacon and hipster themed décor but one bite of their delicious home-style comfort food and you won’t care if you were seated in a cardboard box on Avenue C. Order one of their flights beer, bacon or whiskey. Don’t miss out on the flight of five different flavors of bacon it’s the best part.

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Elmo - 7 Best Bougie & Boozy Brunches in NYC- Lesbian Travel Guide



Elmo is an uber trendy restaurant specializing in gay chic and swankier versions of American comfort food. The ambiance is less pretentious than some of the other restaurants on this list, but the crowd is always filled with upscale eye candy. The waiters are aspiring actors and models. Try the Chicken Fried Chicken and the Baked Four Cheese Mac.


Dream Hotel - 7 Best Bougie & Boozy Brunches in NYC- Lesbian Travel Guide

Dream Hotel

The Dream Downtown

The Dream Downtown has a rooftop lounge called PHD it is just as well known for its amazing pool parties and nightclub as it is for its incredible brunch. Eating brunch at The Dream is kinda of like eating breakfast at the trendiest nightclub you know.

Yotel Roof Deck -7 Best Bougie & Boozy Brunches in NYC- Lesbian Travel Guide

Yotel Roof Deck


This futuristic hotel would make the Jetson’s jealous. In the summer, brunch is served on the outdoor patio with scenic west village views. The view and the gay nightclub turned breakfast party are enough entertainment for any party goer. For a super affordable $35 you can enjoy the breakfast buffet and unlimited cocktails for 2 hours.

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