How to Use KEH Camera Sales to Make Some Travel Cash

How to Use KEH Camera Sales to Make Some Travel Cash Thanks to KEH for supporting Dopes on the Road! As always, all opinions are my own. This post has affiliate links. Lindsay and I are in the process of making the move to Merida, Mexico. We want to live a life...

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10 Questions to Consider When Planning Your LGBT Honeymoon

10 Questions to Consider When Planning Your LGBT Honeymoon Okay, this one may seem obvious but honeymoon planning can see seriously overwhelming with so many options out there. Lindsay and I had a joint wedding and honeymoon in Ecuador but let’s be honest here - not...

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Journal: World Pride Madrid

Journal: World Pride Madrid This past week I was in Madrid, Spain for my very first World Pride. I’ve attended Pride in a few dozen countries and at least twice as many cities at this point, but World Pride is a completely different ball game.  I was in town working...

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Blurred Lines: Ukraine is not Russia


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Cuba Libre DC Restaurant Review

TRAVEL & FOOD Cuba Libre DC Restaurant Review Meg Cale Last month I was in Tampa and got to spend time exploring the Cuban roots of Ybor City. I haven’t stopped thinking about Havana since. I’m a bit obsessed with the idea of Cuba even though I haven’t been there...

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Lesbian Travel Guide Washington DC

Lesbian Travel Guide Washington DC Lindsay and I have spent a little more than a year based in Washington DC. We had an incredible opportunity to really dig in and experience tons of what DC has to offer. Use this guide to help plan your DC adventures and let us know...

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Journal: Big Changes Are Coming

Dear Friends & Family, After four years of our relationship, Lindsay and I have decided to make a big change. The last time I wrote you a letter like this, it was to announce our elopement in Ecuador which we followed up with a brunch reception right here in...

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CabinZero Backpack Review – Are They Worth It?

TRAVEL & REVIEWS CabinZero Backpack Review - Are They Worth It? Meg Cale Lindsay is obsessed with backpacks. We’re practically backpack collectors. Half of this is for practical reasons [ie: we travel a lot] and the other half is merely because she loves them. We...

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The LGBT Community Needs Planned Parenthood

The LGBT Community Needs Planned Parenthood I grew up the second child of a single teenage mother. My mother got pregnant with my brother when she was 15-years-old, eighteen months later, I was born. My mother was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer when I was eight...

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8 Questions LGBT Travelers Should Ask Before Traveling Abroad

TRAVEL & LGBT 8 Questions LGBT Travelers Should Ask Before Traveling Abroad Meg Cale 1. Do you feel comfortable closeting yourself when it’s necessary? I had moral questions for myself when I made the choice to leave the United States. I often thought: How could I...

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Lesbian Travel Guide Tampa Bay

Lesbian Travel Guide Tampa Bay There are tons of great reasons to visit Florida. Disney, the beaches, Wynwood Walls - just to name a few but Tampa Bay really is a hidden gem. It’s a great warm weather city escape for the long weekend traveler. I recently spent four...

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Queer Woman Seeks Paid Sex in Amsterdam

Note: This post originally appeared on She's Wanderful. I’ve spent most of my summer on tour with Gay Star News for the #MyGayPride campaign. Pride is one part celebration and one-part community gathering, with a dash of protest. Despite what the media tells straight...

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Assessing the Pros & Cons of Online Activism

You might be asking, why should we focus on digital activism? Well, Trump conducts most of his arguments over Twitter, so we're meeting them on their turf. Okay, that was a joke- kinda. There are many reasons why activists on both sides of the aisle are now focusing...

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Best Artsy Road Trip Pit Stops in the US

TRAVEL & LGBT Best Artsy Road Trip Pit Stops in the US Meg Cale I’ve been craving fun and sun lately. At this point, I’m a road trip aficionado. It’s not something I talk about much but I logged more miles before I turned 18 than many people will road trip in...

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80 Photos of Dinah Shore aka Lesbian Spring Break

TRAVEL & LGBT 80 Pictures from Dinah Shore aka Lesbian Spring Break Meg Cale From 2009-2014 I didn’t really know any straight people. Sure, I’d have the occasional conversation with a cashier or someone I met at a conference, but my social circle was entirely made...

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30 Photos of Our LGBT Brunch Wedding Reception

  JOURNAL & LGBT   30 Photos of Our Brunch Wedding Reception Meg Cale  Dear Friends, Family, and Loyal Readers;   On September 14, 2017 - we eloped in a private ceremony at My Sacha Ji Wellness Resort on the side of a mountain in a tiny town in...

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Queers You Should Know: Photographer Debbie-Jean Lemonte

TRAVEL & LGBT Queers You Should Know: Photographer, Femme Fashion Aficionado, and Blogger Debbie-Jean Lemonte Meg Cale Debbie-jean Lemonte is a fashion blogger, lifestyle and portrait photographer who brings her unique sense of femme fashion to the forefront of...

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