Travel Hack; Irresistible Me Hair Extension

It’s finally spring! The weather is getting warmer and Pride is right around the corner. Hopefully, you’re lucky and headed out for some warm-weather travels. When I’m traveling and want to jazz up my look for sightseeing pictures and Instagram photoshoots I wear hair...

Androgynous Fashion for Summer Travel

Last month Meg did a post about Femme Summer Travel Style. Folks loved it, but she got a ton of requests to do the androgynous fashion equivalent. Constance from LezBackPack put together her version so I decided to add in the fun and put together my own essentials....

15 Piece Femme Summer Travel Wardrobe

Melissa from Lezbackpack and I have a shared Femme Travel Style Pinterest Board where we share our favorite looks for adventuring. When you travel for weeks (or months) at a time with nothing but a 32 litre backpack, styling can get really complicated. Inspired by our...

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