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Are you going to Dinah?

We are pleased to announce that Dopes on the Road is an official media sponsor of Club Skirt’s Dinah Shore in Palm, Springs California. The Dinah is the world’s largest lesbian pool party, bringing 15,000 lesbians from all of the world for 5 days of fun, booze and sun in the desert. Can’t wait to see you guys there April 1-5, 2015. To order tickets online visit The Dinah  ...

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7 Best Bougie & Boozy Brunches in NYC

Bougie; adjective anything that is seen as upscale or refers to the affluent class in the United States. Let’s be real, New Yorkers love two things, brunch and pretending to be unfazed by the bougiest possible situations. If you are visiting NYC, you must attend a good weekend brunch. Here are my picks for the best brunch to channel your inner Gossip Girl. Beauty & Essex This gorgeous luxury restaurant is hidden behind an old pawnshop. When you first see the building, it appears to be an abandoned furniture store turned run down cash for gold storefront. Like all...

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10 Tips For Getting a Cab in NYC Like a Boss

No matter how far away I am I will always be a New Yorker. Cabs are incredibly convenient and easy to use in Manhattan. Here are a few tips and tricks to getting a cab on your next visit to the Big Apple. Hailing a cab To hail a cab, stand on the edge of the sidewalk and raise your arm looking in the direction of traffic. Do not whistle, no matter how many times you’ve seen this on TV, it doesn’t work. You’re better off standing on a street corner because you have the possibility of getting a...

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How I Traveled to 5 Countries and Saved $12,000 in One Year

I saved $12,000 and traveled to five countries, working as an English teacher in South Korea. Before I get into exactly how I saved, let’s talk about the perks that come with teaching ESL. First year ESL teachers make roughly $2000-$2400 US Dollars a month. Free housing is included in a one-year contracts Health Insurance is provided Schools provide lunch daily Flight reimbursement is provided School handles visa fees and costs of immigration Bonus at the end of the contract Pension is provided My first year in Korea, I traveled to four additional countries (Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia)...

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Lesbian Travel Guide to Palawan Island, Philippines

Palawan Island is one of the most beautiful areas of the Philippines. It’s emerald green waters and giant limestone cliffs and picturesque fishing villages make it seem like a postcard come to life. Palawan is not your average tourist island. It’s undone natural state make it a site to be seen before it is overtaken by western resorts and multinational corporations. The Palawan of today is like nowhere else in the world. Cities El Nido is located inside Bacuit Bay. This major tourist destination is composed of 45 islands and limestone cliffs. With several resorts and numerous tours to...

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