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My Top 10 Hate Comments of 2016

LGBT My Top 10 Hate Comments of 2016 Meg Cale One of the consequences of being so open and public with my life is the amount of trolling and hate comments I get on the internet. It sucks, but it comes with the territory of what I do. I try to use filters on the social networks that allow it to block some of them. So ya know - I’m not getting 50 anti-queer slurs on my Instagram photos a day… but this year I also decided to track them on a spread sheet - lest my head get too...

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Travel Is Political – Inauguration Day Digital Trump Protest

ACTIVISM & TRAVEL Travel is Political Meg Cale I’m one of those lucky people who have multiple passions - travel, the queer community, and digital activism. It’s no secret that I started my career as an LGBT activist. I’ve facilitated social justice workshops and given speeches all over the world, I’ve even written a book about it. But I haven’t been implicit about how I see the intersection of these passions.  Well - travel is political. And to be a queer traveler is a radical act. Every time I step foot in an anti-LGBT area I’m making a political statement....

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2016 Lesbian Travel Awards Winners

THE WINNERS 2016 Lesbian Travel Awards Meg Cale One of the best parts of blogging is meeting and collaborating all the cool people doing the same things that I love. Check out the top travel blogs for lesbians, bisexual, and queer women. Show them some love, follow them on social and let me know if there’s anyone I should add to the list. Globetrotter Girls Dani from Globetrotter Girls is the ultimate lesbian travel blogger. Dani quit her job in 2010 and has been traveling the world ever since. Dani’s mission is to inspire curiosity about the world and provide...

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2016: The Year I Became a Failure

MEG CALE   The last couple years have flown by at warp speed for me. I spent 2014 living in Seoul, South Korea. 2015 was a year of traveling. It was the year I visited 15 countries and really started to get serious with turning my blog into my career. And 2016 - wellllll - 2016 has taught me to fail spectacularly. Ever wonder how a struggling professional blogger pays for the travel lifestyle when they first go pro? Well -the short answer is -  we don’t pay for other shit. In 2015 Lindsay and I spent a year living...

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Broadway Ticket Hacks to Help Score the Perfect Seats

TRAVEL & ENTERTAINMENT Broadway Ticket Hacks to Help You Score the Perfect Seats MEG CALE Confession Time: When I was in the fifth grade I watched my VHS tape of Spice World so many times that I broke the tape. Then I cried, for an embarrassingly long time. I was the worst kind of 90’s fangirl. I had Teen Beat posters plastering my walls and “I <3 JTT” non-ironically scribbled all over my Lisa Frank trapper keepers in puffy paint. I still harbor a soft spot in my heart for tellin ya what ya really really want. [see what...

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