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Chefs Make Change: World Central Kitchen’s Dine-N-Dash Comes to DC

Chefs Make Change: World Central Kitchen’s Dine-N-Dash Comes to DC On June 7, Chef José Andrés will open the doors to 30 Washington DC restaurants for the annual  Dine-N-Dash fundraiser. The goal of Dine-N-Dash is to raise $500,000 through ticket sales for World Central Kitchen, a non-profit organization that uses the power of food to empower communities and strengthen economies around the world. The concept is pretty cool – participants choose a restaurant for their first course and make their way to others with a complimentary selection of 6 to 8 dishes and 4 to 6 drinks from each....

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8 Questions LGBT Travelers Should Ask Before Traveling Abroad

TRAVEL & LGBT 8 Questions LGBT Travelers Should Ask Before Traveling Abroad Meg Cale 1. Do you feel comfortable closeting yourself when it’s necessary? I had moral questions for myself when I made the choice to leave the United States. I often thought: How could I live a lie and justify it to myself after so many years of discussing the importance of openness? Gallup Polls show that people who know an LGBT person are much more likely to be in favor of equality. I justify being closeted to myself because I’ve learned that it is possible to lie about...

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Lesbian Travel Guide Tampa Bay

Lesbian Travel Guide Tampa Bay There are tons of great reasons to visit Florida. Disney, the beaches, Wynwood Walls – just to name a few but Tampa Bay really is a hidden gem. It’s a great warm weather city escape for the long weekend traveler. I recently spent four days visiting Tampa in collaboration with Visit Tampa Bay. I was able to explore some of the city’s nooks and crannies, read on for some of my tips and tricks for lesbians visiting Tampa. Tampa’s Riverwalk is one of my favorite parts of the city. Photograph by Visit Tampa Bay Getting to and...

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Queer Woman Seeks Paid Sex in Amsterdam

Note: This post originally appeared on She’s Wanderful. I’ve spent most of my summer on tour with Gay Star News for the #MyGayPride campaign. Pride is one part celebration and one-part community gathering, with a dash of protest. Despite what the media tells straight people, its focus is not all leathermen, hooking up, and finding the best sex toys and lube. Although, that is part of it. I came away from a month of back-to-back Pride celebrations eager to find unique travel content for my audience. There are only so many ways you can cover pride festivals around the...

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Assessing the Pros & Cons of Online Activism

You might be asking, why should we focus on digital activism? Well, Trump conducts most of his arguments over Twitter, so we’re meeting them on their turf. Okay, that was a joke- kinda. There are many reasons why activists on both sides of the aisle are now focusing on digital media to spread their message, but the main reason is that it breaks down the traditional barriers to activism; privilege, access, energy, time, and most importantly money. We like to think of change-makers as almost superhuman but they all have to eat (more junk food than normal), sleep (for...

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