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9 Ways To Prepare For Traveling With Dogs

TRAVEL & DOGS 9 Ways To Prepare For Traveling With Dogs Meg Cale Lindsay and I have two mini dachshunds that are more like our children than our pets. We love our babies just as much as some people love their children. While it’s nice to have a solo getaway without them sometimes, we much prefer to take them with us when we can. Traveling with two dogs is difficult, but not impossible. Here are a few tips we’ve picked up along the way. Introduce them to the crate early Some people have negative feelings about crates because they think it’s...

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Journal: Why I Started Blogging

JOURNAL WHY I STARTED BLOGGING Meg Cale I’m a queer millennial, the internet has been my workplace and my playground for most of my life. In the early days of social media, MySpace and LiveJournal were where I met all my ex-girlfriends. No shame in my pre Tinder game. I went to college in a very small town and was one of a handful of queer people on campus. Thus I reached out to the lesbians of the internet to find community, dates, and entertainment- well if I’m being honest it was mostly dates. Fast forward to graduate school, living...

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Win a $2000 Dinah Shore Vacation Package

TRAVEL & LGBT Win a $2000 Dinah Shore Vacation Package Meg Cale   As a queer woman and blogger, I’ve attended many events for queer women. I’m talking Pride festivals in 10 countries - a lot. There is just something about Dinah Shore Weekend in Palm Springs, California that just feels a bit different than the others.   If you’ve been hiding in the closet for the last twenty years, Dinah Shore is the world’s largest lesbian event. It’s kinda like a music festival broke out at a pool party in the desert. This year from March 30th to April...

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Shop These 20 Badass Feminist Products to Support Planned Parenthood

ACTIVISM Shop These 20 Badass Feminist Products to Support Planned Parenthood Meg Cale This weekend is the Women’s March on Washington. Some people are marchers - some people aren’t. I’m here to tell you that’s okay. Different people have different lives and different skillsets. Maybe you’re introverted and your skills are better served as a writer or a content curator? Maybe you have mobility issues and walking in a big crowd is something you can’t do. Or - maybe you don’t have a sitter for your kids. I get it - life happens. Which is why I put together this list...

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How to Support The Women’s March Online and IRL

TRAVEL & LGBT How to Support The Women’s March Online and IRL Meg Cale On January 21, 2017 people around the country will unite in protest of the Trump administration. I will be marching  in Washington, DC for the Women’s March on Washington, but there are actions happening in every state in the US and many parts of the world. The official position of the march is to stand together in solidarity with our partners and children for the protection of our rights, our safety, our health, and our families — recognizing that our vibrant and diverse communities are the...

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