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Lesbian Travel Guide New York City

Lesbian Travel Guide New York City New York is a giant city with numerous neighborhoods filled with different people, cultures, and experiences. It’s not like anywhere else in the United Stats. You could stay for a year and never see all the city has to offer. According to the National Restaurant Association, there are just under 46,000 restaurants in New York – Even if you ate out 3 meals a day for a year you couldn’t hit them all. It’d take you roughly 45 years to hit every eatery the city has to offer- and that’s just restaurants. Imagine...

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LGBT Friendly Hotel Review: Hotel Elysée New York City

TRAVEL & LGBT LGBT Friendly Hotel Review: Hotel Elysée New York City Meg Cale Last month, Lindsay and I took a trip home to New York City for our friends’ wedding in Brooklyn. Usually when we’re in town we stay at our friends’ apartments but I was excited to use this opportunity to check out Hotel Elysée from the Library Hotel Collection. Tons of other bloggers I know and respect have visited the property. They described it as having the vibes of a “romantic country inn” and having a “timeless vibe” with “an Old New York Brat Pack” style ambiance....

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8 Questions LGBT Travelers Should Ask Before Traveling Abroad

TRAVEL & LGBT 8 Questions LGBT Travelers Should Ask Before Traveling Abroad Meg Cale 1. Do you feel comfortable closeting yourself when it’s necessary? I had moral questions for myself when I made the choice to leave the United States. I often thought: How could I live a lie and justify it to myself after so many years of discussing the importance of openness? Gallup Polls show that people who know an LGBT person are much more likely to be in favor of equality. I justify being closeted to myself because I’ve learned that it is possible to lie about...

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9 Ways To Prepare For Traveling With Dogs

TRAVEL & DOGS 9 Ways To Prepare For Traveling With Dogs Meg Cale Lindsay and I have two mini dachshunds that are more like our children than our pets. We love our babies just as much as some people love their children. While it’s nice to have a solo getaway without them sometimes, we much prefer to take them with us when we can. Traveling with two dogs is difficult, but not impossible. Here are a few tips we’ve picked up along the way. Introduce them to the crate early Some people have negative feelings about crates because they think it’s...

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Journal: Why I Started Blogging

JOURNAL WHY I STARTED BLOGGING Meg Cale I’m a queer millennial, the internet has been my workplace and my playground for most of my life. In the early days of social media, MySpace and LiveJournal were where I met all my ex-girlfriends. No shame in my pre Tinder game. I went to college in a very small town and was one of a handful of queer people on campus. Thus I reached out to the lesbians of the internet to find community, dates, and entertainment- well if I’m being honest it was mostly dates. Fast forward to graduate school, living...

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