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How to Use KEH Camera Sales to Make Some Travel Cash

How to Use KEH Camera Sales to Make Some Travel Cash Thanks to KEH for supporting Dopes on the Road! As always, all opinions are my own. This post has affiliate links. Lindsay and I are in the process of making the move to Merida, Mexico. We want to live a life focused on experiences over things – where we’re actually living – rather than just going through the motions. The process of downsizing to a more minimalist existence has been equal parts rewarding and a pain in the ass. But there’s lots of learning in the process. One...

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10 Questions to Consider When Planning Your LGBT Honeymoon

10 Questions to Consider When Planning Your LGBT Honeymoon Okay, this one may seem obvious but honeymoon planning can see seriously overwhelming with so many options out there. Lindsay and I had a joint wedding and honeymoon in Ecuador but let’s be honest here – not everyone has the advantage of being a travel writer. Here’s a guide to get you started in your trip planning! What type of travel is most enjoyable for you? Are you a big city person? Do you enjoy the beach? Are you looking for a domestic travel location in your country or thinking...

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Journal: World Pride Madrid

Journal: World Pride Madrid This past week I was in Madrid, Spain for my very first World Pride. I’ve attended Pride in a few dozen countries and at least twice as many cities at this point, but World Pride is a completely different ball game.  I was in town working with Spanish Tourism with 50 other journalists, bloggers, and influencers so I was balancing a schedule of work hard PLAY even harder. One of the coolest parts of what I do is being able to make friends in the industry and see them all around the world. Our group was staying...

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The Truth About Lesbian Smoking

ACTIVISM & LGBT The Truth About Lesbian Smoking Meg Cale Did you know that LGBT adults smoke at rates up to 2.5 times higher than straight adults? Why? – in part it’s due to targeted marketing by Big Tobacco.   Our community is at risk for a ton of negative health outcomes as a result of societal stigma and discrimination. The rate of smoking in our community is one of the statistics that’s often overlooked. Where you live, who you love and how much money you have makes a big difference in whether you smoke or not. We’re influenced by...

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Cuba Libre DC Restaurant Review

TRAVEL & FOOD Cuba Libre DC Restaurant Review Meg Cale Last month I was in Tampa and got to spend time exploring the Cuban roots of Ybor City. I haven’t stopped thinking about Havana since. I’m a bit obsessed with the idea of Cuba even though I haven’t been there yet. My game plan is to make it to Havana sometime in 2018 – but until then – Lindsay and I set out to find the next best thing. A little piece of Cuba right here in the good ole USofA at Cuba Libre DC. Cuba Libre is located in the...

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