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Best Artsy Road Trip Pit Stops in the US

TRAVEL & LGBT Best Artsy Road Trip Pit Stops in the US Meg Cale I’ve been craving fun and sun lately. At this point, I’m a road trip aficionado. It’s not something I talk about much but I logged more miles before I turned 18 than many people will road trip in their whole lives. I’ve been craving a good west coast road trip for a long time and I got a taste of what ails me this past week with our desert tour before hitting up Dinah Shore. As I was wandering around the East Jesus Art installations, I...

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80 Photos of Dinah Shore aka Lesbian Spring Break

TRAVEL & LGBT 80 Pictures from Dinah Shore aka Lesbian Spring Break Meg Cale From 2009-2014 I didn’t really know any straight people. Sure, I’d have the occasional conversation with a cashier or someone I met at a conference, but my social circle was entirely made of LGBTQ folks. I was working for LGBTQ nonprofits during the day, promoting in the evening, and socializing with an entirely LGBTQ social circle. My world view was about as big as a hula hoop but lord did I have a good time. I was at a different queer event 3-4 nights a week,...

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30 Photos of Our LGBT Brunch Wedding Reception

  JOURNAL & LGBT   30 Photos of Our Brunch Wedding Reception Meg Cale  Dear Friends, Family, and Loyal Readers;   On September 14, 2017 – we eloped in a private ceremony at My Sacha Ji Wellness Resort on the side of a mountain in a tiny town in Ecuador.  We wanted our wedding to be focused on the commitment we were making and celebrating our bond through our mutual passion for exploring the world. Prior to our wedding we rappeled waterfalls, toured the Amazon rainforest, and zip lined across giant caverns in the cloud forest of Banos, Ecuador. Our...

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Queers You Should Know: Photographer Debbie-Jean Lemonte

TRAVEL & LGBT Queers You Should Know: Photographer, Femme Fashion Aficionado, and Blogger Debbie-Jean Lemonte Meg Cale Debbie-jean Lemonte is a fashion blogger, lifestyle and portrait photographer who brings her unique sense of femme fashion to the forefront of digital activism. Debbie is currently spending the next 52 weeks traveling the United States with her best friend and blogging partner, Sara Geffard of A Dapper Chick. Together, they’re traveling to discover and explore LGBTQI-friendly places that will then be disclosed to the community as a resource of fun, unique, and welcoming places to visit in a post-Trump America.   Hey Debbie, tell...

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8 Lessons Bloggers Can Learn From Chance the Rapper

TRAVEL & LGBT 8 Lessons Bloggers Can Learn From Chance the Rapper Meg Cale Chance the Rapper is a 23 year old musician from Chicago. In case you haven’t heard of him, well – stay tuned folks, he’s the future of the music industry. Chance is the first artist to hit the Billboard top 10 exclusively from streaming. He’s also the first artist to win a Grammy exclusively based on streaming. There’s some talk behind the scenes that his collaboration with Kanye West on “The Life of Pablo” created so much buzz in 2016 that it forced the academy to...

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