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The Lesbian Guide to NYC Pride

NYC has some of the biggest pride parties in the world. Back in my activist days, I marched every year in the annual Sunday pride march. The march commemorates the Stonewall Riots of 1969 and lasts for hours. This past year, there were 325 groups marching and 55 floats. While attending the march itself is the obvious choice for visitors to NYC, some of the queer women’s parties can be a bit difficult to find if you’re not from the area. I reached out to some of my favorite promoters to find out where the hot parties are for this...

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Lesbian Travel Guide New York City

Lesbian Travel Guide New York City New York is a giant city with numerous neighborhoods filled with different people, cultures, and experiences. It’s not like anywhere else in the United Stats. You could stay for a year and never see all the city has to offer. According to the National Restaurant Association, there are just under 46,000 restaurants in New York – Even if you ate out 3 meals a day for a year you couldn’t hit them all. It’d take you roughly 45 years to hit every eatery the city has to offer- and that’s just restaurants. Imagine...

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Lesbian Travel Guide to Banos Ecuador

Lesbian Travel Guide to Banos Ecuador MEG CALE Baños, Ecuador  – or  Baños de Agua Santa – was one of our favorite places on our wedding trip to Ecuador. We spent our actual wedding at My Sacha Ji Wellness Hotel but the first six days of our adventures were spent backpacking in Banos. We would go back again in a heartbeat. This lesbian travel guide to Banos Ecuador has travel tips anyone can benefit from, not just LGBT travelers or queer women in particular. The town is situated in a valley at the base of a volcano. While the...

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Valentine’s Day Lesbian Gift Guide

TRAVEL & LGBT   The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts Based On Four Lesbian Stereotypes   Meg Cale I’m not going to lie to ya’ll – this post was born out of boredom and procrastination while online shopping. Let’s pretend that’s a productive activity and that you’ll actually find this information useful. Okay? Cool – Looking for that perfect gift for your special someone? Have no idea what to get? I’ve made things easier for you. Here’s a lesbian gift guide based on some of my favorite stereotypes of our community.  If you find something you like just follow the links above...

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Lesbian Travel Guide to Barcelona

I spent most of the summer traveling Europe for the #MyGayPride tour with Gay Star News. The tour was pretty tight, but I completely fell in love with Barcelona and decided to spend some extra time checking out the Catalonian city. I explored the lesbian scene and meet up with some movers and shakers of the Spanish queer community. Here are a few tips and tricks for your next visit. Girlie Circuit Girlie Circuit is every August in Barcelona but the hold parties year round at different locations around Spain. It’s your standard Dinah Shore type circuit party with DJs,...

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